Discover this unique collection of water soluble plant actives


It’s simple and true - we just want to give you what nature can offer. We don’t sell extracts that are 'topped up' with synthetic compounds, each species has it’s own water soluble story to tell and it’s unique place of potential in skin care and hair care.

Our extracts are a 1:10 dilutions which are ideal for those price sensitive fast moving consumable markets or those product lines that want to offer the latest in natural ingredients but are limited to producing good products to a consumer market that can’t bare the high end price tag. Our extracts are ideal for wash on/wash off applications like hair care, body washes, hand washes, cleansers, toners, botanical waters, scrubs as well as lotions, face creams etc. You’re only limited by your imagination, with a price range you can afford.  

Our Australian Plant Extracts range provides you with the outback pharmacy this diverse country offers - natural water-soluble plant actives to create new products or revamp existing ranges.

Take a look at our stunning Natural Traditional Extracts range we have chosen that has a new natural look at popular favourites that are too often synthetically created. We give you the new natural option!

NOW formulations can be driven by nature!

All prices are in Australian Dollars.